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Photo courtesy of Q.E.I. Publishing.  Galen L. Hanselman.  All rights reserved.

Pilots and Private air strip

Our private airstrip is only available for landing for those overnight patrons of the lodge and drop-in breakfast or horse ride guests. Please do not land if you are not patronizing our services!


Our summer breakfasts are served Thursday through Sunday 7:30-10:30 am. Learn more here.

Please respect the fact that we have overnight guests enjoying the peace and solitude of their stay and plan your arrival time accordingly.

Be On Time


This is a high-altitude mountain airstrip. Sulphur Creek airstrip is only intended for use by pilots thoroughly familiar with mountain flying techniques and safe procedures for primitive airstrip operations

  • No STRAIGHT IN approaches!

  • Always overlfy runway before landing - livestock and animals in vicinit

  • Land to the west

  • Setup a left downwind with a base leg to east past knob ridge to give  you plenty of space and time to setup properly for final

  • Taxi on the gravel surfaces and beware of gopher holes in and around the parking areas

  • Have your radio on at all times unicom 122.9


PARKING - all aircraft park on the south side (barn side) of air strip if possible