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Getting here is half the fun!

You have two options to get here and driving isn't one of them.

Where is Here?

We are strategically located in the Southwest corner the Frank Church Wilderness of No Return with no direct connection to the outside world via motorized vehicles.

Flying options from Boise, Cascade, McCall, and Stanley by charter. Your personal aircraft is welcome here.

Hiking? Drive to the Middlefork of the Salmon River Trail Head (formally known as the Boundary Creek Trail Head)  where you can park your rig and begin your hike into the ranch. 


Onsite webcams give you a chance to check the present weather conditions. 


Our most popular mode of
arrival is flying private aircraft.

Charter Flights

Not a pilot? Charter Flights are also available. Here are some our  recommended service providers from multiple locations in Idaho:

Fly In

S.O.P. For Pilots

  • Have your radio on at all times Unicom 122.9 and please announce when you enter the pattern and when you plan for departure.

  • No STRAIGHT IN approaches! Overfly runway before landing - livestock, heavy equipment, or wild animals may be on or near the airstrip.

  • Land to the west. Depart to the East.

  • Setup a left downwind with a base leg to east past knob ridge to give you plenty of space and time to setup properly for final approach.

  • Taxi on the gravel surfaces and beware of gopher holes in and around the parking areas.

  • Please do not power up when turning at the barn!


Sulphur Creek airstrip is only intended for use by pilots thoroughly familiar with mountain flying techniques and safe procedures for primitive airstrip operations. 


This is a high-altitude mountain airstrip at 5860'.

Group Venue Parking

Our priority is that you park on the south side of the runway. Overflow parking is also available on the north side behind the lodge.

We have 4 tie down spots so we recommend you carry portable tiedowns for your aircraft while visiting.

ID-74 is a Private Airstrip

ID-74 is a private airstrip only available for those who are group overnight patrons of the lodge! Please do not land if you are not scheduled!

The airstrip is no longer available for practice landing and take offs. Our stock will be out grazing for most of the season.​


Options for hiking into Sulphur Creek Ranch from the Middle Fork of the Salmon River Trail Head.

Hike In

Hiking Instructions


Taking the short cut route and ford at Sulphur Creek. 



Taking the Middle Fork Trail around the Morgan Ranch​. After the fires, it is easy to miss the trail cutoff to the west just past Morgan Ranch. Please email for further directions.

Both trails have slight incline, decline, and boggy spots. The terrain is an intermediate level hike.

Factor in the distance when you decide which route to take. Be mindful that the frequent afternoon winds will also leave many trees down in the trail after the Boundary Fire on a daily basis.

Please email us if you need additional information or directions to the trail head.

Morgan SCR trail map.jpg
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