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We have an enormous hunting area comprising two hunt units in the primitive area of the back country. We hunt in Sawtooth Zone Unit 34 and Middlefork Zone Unit 27. There are opportunities for both bow and rifle. Big game elk, deer, bear, and wolves are among the top sought after tags. We offer a wide assortment of drop camps and guided hunts.  Contact us for information.

Exclusive Hunting Opportunities


Sawtooth Zone Unit 34  

This is a "Capped Zone"!  Tags for this unit are extremely limited. Our designated tags sell out quickly. There's also an opportunity for you to purchase these tags from the IDF&G. (Out of State December 1st) directly. Please check with us as the dates and purchase options continually change. Note that these tags sell out to the public with in minutes.

Guided Lodge hunts include exclusive use of the lodge and well versed guides that can hunt with or without a horse. Camp options are also available.

We custom tailor hunts to the desires of our hunters and offer experience and expertise from our

seasoned guides.

Middlefork Zone Unit 27. 

This is a popular Unit to hunt both early and late season. The variances in the weather determines the migration. Each year is different so it's a great place to be situated if the animals start to move down river. It's also popular September 15th opening day for rifle. We offer plenty of camp options for this unit! Tags can be provided or purchased over the counter.


Hunt Camps and Hunters

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DIY Drop Camp Hunting

Here's your opportunity to get packed in and out of camp by horses and mules. This opens up ample opportunities for the "Do it yourself" drop camp hunters who don't have the means to get into the primitive area on their own. We also come get your meat for a flat fee of $500. You have options to hang or fly it out depending on the weather conditions.

"Do it yourself" drop off fees are contingent on how far we pack your group from the pick up location area.

Base Pricing 2024:

2 hunters: $3000 per hunter

3 Hunters: $2000 per hunter

4 hunters: $1850 per hunter

Any questions about the drop camps? Use the "contact us" tab on the main menu. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Deluxe Drop Camp

The Deluxe Drop Camp option completely sets your camp site up before you arrive.  Tent(s), chairs, cots, propane lanterns, kitchen with utensils, pots, pans, privy,  and firewood are all included. Hunters to provide their personal gear food for the week. 

We pick up your harvested animal for a flat fee of $500.

Pricing can vary depending on the location of your camp.

Base Pricing 2024:

2 hunters: $ 4300 per hunter

3 hunters: $ 3300 per hunter

4 hunters: $2500 per hunter

Please use the option to "contact us" with any additional questions!

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Guided Camp Hunts

Guided Camp Hunts:

Range from $8000-$9500 per hunter depending on the location of the camp, amount of hunters, and the guide to hunter ratio.

Guided Lodge Hunts:

$7500-$8500 per hunter depending on the number of hunters and the ratio of guide to hunter.

Guided hunts are 7 days in total. One day in, one day out with partial hunting. 5 full days of hunting in camp.

DIY and Deluxe Drop camps vary between 7 and 15 days.

Questions? Please email us. We're more than happy to discuss the hunts with you!

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