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A pictorial essay...a glimpse into the ranch this season.

We're never at a loss for a beautiful picture! A rare day in June when we weren't overcast and raining...

Lots of dark clouds, thunder, and heavy rains in June. It seemed like a daily occurrence for about 25 days. Not that rain isn't always welcome! However, heavy rains mean no more water for us at the lodge. Irony at it's best!

It's always a great day when ValDean, the horse crew, and the stock arrive safely at the ranch.

John and Sherri Olson with their granddaughter Alexis.

Really glad to have Dave Wells back at the ranch!! He's a tremendous hand, friend, and farrier!

Dave leading the way into the ranch trying to beat the oncoming thunderstorm. A recurrent theme for June...

Another recurrent theme, what I refer to as the "Sahara Desert" just west of the lodge. The alluvial fan produced by the massive amounts of sand, silt, rock, trees, stretches out at least a half a mile along what used to be the Sulphur Creek Trail. Every time it rains, Blue Moon Creek comes off of the mountain violently to pick another channel, or three, chiseling yet another route to Sulphur Creek. I am amazed how different it looks!

Found one solitary morel mushroom this year.

The wild flowers up the mountain to our north are prolific. These pink flowers are some sort of Mallow and are chest high all over the hillside. I have been told that they grow post fire to reseed the soil.

Clearing trail with the help of Mike Grommet certainly keeps us busy. Lot's of deadfall and much more to come...

My morning hikes up towards the now extinct Morehead Lookout.

I suppose we should all learn from our dogs. They don't notice the beauty or the destruction. They simply live in the moment! Whether it be that random squirrel or jumping straight up in the air through the 2 foot high meadow grass to spot a mole, their tails are always wagging.

There's something in every moment!

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