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Sulphur Creek Ranch 

About Us

Sulphur Creek Ranch is a private destination "venue" tucked away in the privacy and seclusion of the Frank Church Wilderness of Idaho since 1947.

The ranch was originally branded with the slogan "...want to go to heaven?"

If you are interested in a private group adventure for 2025,

on an 80 acre oasis in the middle of nowhere,  Sulphur Creek Ranch  is the destination. The ranch, being insulated from the rest of the world, hosts the perfect getaway!

The private air strip adjacent to the lodge gives our guests the ultimate flexibility for timing arrivals and departures.

Hiking in from the the Middle Fork of the Salmon River Trail Head is another popular option.

Come be a part of the heritage and our history in this little corner of America, a slice of Heaven!

Image by Felipe Santana

Sulphur Creek Ranch 2024

ValDean and I have made the long awaited determination concerning the business operating complexion for 2024. We just lit the 15th season wick and we have absolutely no idea what's in store...

Remaining "flexibile" and not committing to a full schedule of guest activities is the most judicious approach to the upcoming season. My least favorite thing to say has become the most frequent thing that I say... " I don't know...?" 

We simply cannot predict what a single or multiple rain events might produce. The domestic water supply being the most vulnerable commodity. Last season we had to cancel scheduled groups because we had no water supply to the lodge.

In order to remain flexible, we are not going to open for breakfasts or individual overnights in 2024.

When do you think weekly overnight business will resume? I don't know...?

Will you ever be open for weekly fly in breakfasts? I don't know...?

When will you have restorative power? This season 2024. Limited.

When will you secure a permanent domestic water source? Most likely not for another 5 years.

We have been scheduling a small number of groups, fishing, and hunting trips. If you are interested in Season 2025, let us know as our limited spots fill up. 

A huge and sincere thank you to all of our amazing guests who have been anxiously awaiting a verdict. We sincerely appreciate all of your inquiries and your continued support of Sulphur Creek Ranch! 

Kiere Schroeder

Getting here is only the beginning of the journey

Experiencing backcountry hospitality like it used to be is a journey long forgotten by many! Our primary goal at Sulphur Creek Ranch is to re-accustom our guests to the benefits of true hospitality and how it can transform your experience. We are a private ranch nestled in the southwest corner of The Frank Church River of No Return. The forest surrounding the ranch is a designated "Wilderness Area" in Idaho established in 1980.

No motorized vehicles,  4 wheelers, cars, trucks, strangers are going to be passing by or dropping in. This lends to the unique atmosphere which simply cannot be duplicated.

It provides a deep sense of peace and solitude. You can hear "the silence"!

See the Venue

Interested in booking the ranch for your private event?


Our hunt area includes both Sawtooth Unit 34 and Middlefork Unit 27. Incredible opportunities to hunt elk, deer, bear, and wolves

Getting Here

We currently have 2 ways to get here, flying and hiking. Horseback riding will be available again in 2023.

Our slice of heaven

Have a look at the memories we have made along the way, and we hope you come make your own with us soon.

Current weather is available simply by clicking the tabs below!

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