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Boundary Fire explodes takes a run east towards the Boundary Creek Complex!

Late afternoon winds resuscitated the Boundary Fire yesterday as it torched it's way three quarters of a mile east threatening fire trucks and our personal rig/horse trailer which were parked at the Boundary Creek trail head.

Pictures are directly above the parking lot last night. I tell you what, I am extraordinarily thankful that we did not see these Boundary Creek pictures last night...

Fire Operations radioed the Sulphur Structure District manager to let us know about the inherent risk we faced with our vehicle and trailer. They were able to break in (the old fashioned way with a slim jim) and moved our outfit to Bruce Meadows. The radio communication is set up with USFS repeaters which are mobile and can facilitate any topographical logistics of of fire. One thing that remains congruent with the way things used to be BI (before internet).

This is what we saw from Sulphur Creek Ranch late afternoon yesterday...

We got some forecasted rain last night. Boundary Creek got a lot more!

We are a little less than 5 miles away from each other and the rainfall was diametrically different. As you can deduct from the pictures, they needed the rain more than we did.

The Boundary Fire after the rain has been downgraded to a Level 4 fire which means less resources deployed. We expect rain on Saturday but unfortunately it dries up and gets into the 80's again next week.

We had 15 firefighters scheduled to be here for 7 days. That changed about 4 times today between the various layers of USFS hierarchy and management tiers which I am becoming painfully familiar with. The good news is that at last report, we have 11 fire fighters here till they change their mind about the status of the fire again. In all seriousness, the fire activity does predicate who, how, and what the operations side of things decides to deploy.

Back to wait, watch, and we go again around and around the Merry Go Round.

Boundary Creek early this morning.

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