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It's not over...Boundary Fire takes a run to the east today!

What a difference a day makes!

The Boundary Fire active to the NE by the Boundary Creek boat ramp was amped up today with quite a bit of fire activity. Pumps and sprinklers have been put in place as the dry weather combined with westerly winds this afternoon provided the perfect recipe for fire activity.

The fire made it down to the toe of the southern slope at the heel of the fire (where the fire stated).The fire was reported to be 100 yards from our shortcut trail between the Sulphur Creek ford and the Boundary Creek parking lot. In other words, our access is going to be cut off to the trail head.

Once the fire hit the valley, it aligned with the westerly winds and started a run towards the east. The USFS Fire command has ordered air defense this afternoon in hopes that they can get ahead of this. Personal will be placed on the ground tomorrow to augment the air efforts.

I have relayed to the Incident Commander (IC) that our overnight and breakfast guests will have to take a back seat tomorrow as our priority is to support all air defense efforts to suppress as much of this as they can. Hope you all support us in our everchanging unknown which is now the new "norm" for us. We are asking that you all hold off flying in the area tomorrow.

The westerly portion on the fire above our pond to the south is referred to as the "right flank" of the Boundary Fire.

As you can see in the above pictures, the fire is flanking (fire spreading perpendicular to the wind). And there's some torching where we see tall flames from the ranch.

Heath Perrine just sent me these aerial photos from today's fire activity. Now you all have a picture to go with my description of the fire run to the east.

I do have a retraction, or a correction to make regarding terminology I used in a previous blog.

The Boundary Fire was upgraded to a Level 3 from a level 4 a few days ago. I had trouble with the upgrade going down on numbers. Yesterday the Boundary Fire was downgraded from a Level 3 to a Level 4.

We'll see what the end of day brings in terms of numbers. Translation, the lower the level, the more deployment of resources.

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