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Smoke from the Boundary Creek back burn sits on Sulphur Creek Ranch.

The Fire crews are working to contain a smaller fire close in proximity to the Boundary Creek Complex. I believe it's called "building a black line" so when the active fire meets the man-made burnt area, it runs out of available fuels and dies.

We're getting a lot of smoke, the kind that actually smells like there another kind? I may have just acclimated, who knows? The weather forecast for this afternoon is for thunderstorm activity and some higher winds with irregular directional patterns. They are coming from the SE and the South and don't stay that way for too long. Our predominant winds are from the west which is advantageous in a fire situation when the fire is to our south east.

One of the "unintended consequences" of a forest fire is the relationship we build with the crews that come in to protect us. We all live together under somewhat trying circumstances. There's always a moment of "truth" or a "good laugh" like when I told Matt he was doing "cheerleader" pushups instead of manly pushups. What I absolutely love about these young men and women, besides the fact that they actually like to work, is that they don't take offense to anything! They actually find "joy" in the teasing...

Do you realize how rare that is in this day and age? Own your mood and don't let anyone else rob you of your matter what the circumstance! After all, there's always going to be a circumstance.

We didn't get a chance to take pictures of the first 2 Hot Shot crews- Idaho City, and Sawtooth.

During their very brief interlude here, they enriched us with their work ethic, professionalism, and courtesy.

Lastly, I want to mention another one of the highlights of the Boundary Fire is my new relationship with Heath Perrine, the District Ranger for the Challis-Yankee Fork and Middle Fork Districts.

He has been diligent with his daily communication with me. I can't emphasize how instrumental that has been for making critical decisions involving the health and welfare of Sulphur Creek Ranch. Heath's "No Bullshit" attitude resonates with mine! We don't mince words.

Got the sawmill fired up again after Dalton built new platform beds for all of the cabins.

We milled 8 custom SCR benches with back rests!! Val and Dalton are almost done with the new and improved dining room table.

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