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The Fire is Here... a slow death...

7:07 pm. The fire is ripping on three sides of Sulphur Creek now. There are open flames in the brush at the east end of the runway working their way south towards Sulphur Creek.

Our Southern ridge has exploded into west moving fire all across the top half of the mountain side above the pond and barn with roll out bringing it down towards Sulphur Creek from the south.

It's working down the face of the South ridge fairly quickly compared to the slow backing down activity of the last few weeks.

The northern aspect of the fire is cooking up towards Morehead Lookout again with it's rollout starting the fire on our east end.

It's been exactly a week since this fire ran over the Morgan Ranch. Knowing what happened to them and watching this fire slowly take a hold of us is like watching the whole event in slow motion with a speed up dial this afternoon akin to dying a slow death instead of an instant one...

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