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They watch and we wait...

Today the USFS Operations manager of the Boundary Fire pulled what we called "the Engine Unit" of 4 fire fighters from Sulphur Creek Ranch and reassigned them to the Boundary Creek Complex.

The remaining Salt Lake Unit of 10 fire fighters will hike out tomorrow and be replaced by 10 Hot Shots from yet another unit.

Funny how in the course of a few days we have gotten attached to these young men and women. Mix the magic of Sulphur Creek Ranch hospitality, people "cut from the same cloth" and you all face an imminent danger together, long lasting bonds are created and cemented. The conversations we have held over the last week actually mean something to all involved. I am not just speaking of my 5 day tutorial learning the language and behavior of fire, but the offside conversations about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. What an awesome environment for these young folks to witness people who "walk the walk" and "talk the talk". What a curious bunch of guys and gals...always watching, asking questions, and willing to learn! It's actually been a delightful change for us.

Wherever ValDean goes, he's got a gaggle of young firefighters in his's kind of cute!

Enough for tonight as I have worn out a year's worth of clichés.

We are open for business. The TFR has been removed. Breakfast by reservations please!

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