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Water, Boulders, and Trees haha...they're coming to take you away!!

Evening of August 12, 2022.

We were hosting former SCR owner, George Truppi, who was celebrating his Birthday with his good friends and family. Included of course were Tim and Judy Hull, their children, and grandchildren.

Two of the guests were outside after dinner enjoying the respite in the thunderstorm and rain downpour activity. They came rushing into the lodge to grab us because "there was something going on outside and it wasn't good". There's a good adrenaline starter for the evening...especially for the likes of ValDean Schroeder and Tim Hull (former SCR Manager for 10 years). The three of us went outside to investigate. If you've been in the mountains during a thunderstorm, you recognize it's distinct rolling sound. However, that rolling sound always comes to an end...

This did not...

It was at that moment, we realized that the mountain was coming down. The sound of boulders washing down our little creek, approximately two tenths of a mile away from the lodge, was impressive and horrifying as it continued to gain momentum.

The video above was the first sighting of the flood arriving next to our doorstep.

This is several minutes later when the flood just reached the runway.

Our gang of guests were gathering water buckets, pots, and pans, filling every receptacle they could lay hands on with water. Within minutes, the power went out and the faucets went dry.

We all knew it was the demise of the water and power system up the was a sobering moment! The hydroelectric system had been compromised. We didn't know to what extent until the next morning.

When you watch this clip, pay special attention to where the former edge of the access path is and the newly appointed Blue Moon Creek now traveling 15 feet lower in elevation.

A hard reality check when you are dependent on a gravity fed water delivery system.

Above video is what ingenuity, innovation, and tenacity are all about! The whole gang of guests were in the creek cobbling together a makeshift water delivery system with ValDean early the next morning! I am so grateful and thankful for the Truppi/Hull families and friends!

They made what could have been a horrendous event into the experience of a lifetime.

Seasoned back country folks at their best!!

Lake Sulphur Creek along the north side of the runway just outside of the lodge.

The highlight of this photo, besides the the high water mark in the rock across the creek. That's a frightening amount of water. This is a picture after the first flood. The creek lowered another 12 feet a week later during the next avalanche flood event.

Another perspective of Lake Sulphur Creek.

The debris berm from the first flood. The second flood a week later doubled in size and height.

Watch for the next version of round number 2 a week later.

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